Frequently asked questions

What type of game is Drudge?

DRUDGE is a mashup of strategy simulation, empire-building, and RPG played on a real-world map. It targets Google Play and the App Store. In Drudge, you serve an ambitious vampire that seeks to become the most powerful vampire in the world. You, as a Drudge, manage the Cash and needs of this vampire. You have the opportunity to build a financial empire as long as you keep your stress in check and your vampire happy. It begins with a gift from the vampire of $1,000,000. Accepting this gift creates a blood pact between Drudge and vampire. In essence, the game is a Faustian partnership between player and vampire; a race to riches under constant pressure from a demanding master.

What is a Drudge?

A Drudge is a servant of a vampire. Think Richard Throckett Straker from Stephen King's 1975 novel Salem's Lot, not the cricket eating lunatic Renfield of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The role of a Drudge has changed over time. The modern vampire needs a Drudge that cuts an impressive figure, a distinguished servant savvy to modern finance and luxurious lifestyles.

What is the Objective?

The goal for some will be to build the largest fortune in the world and be recognized as a city BOSS, listed in the DRUDGE 500 or join the elite DRUDGE 100; for others, it will be to support a vampire in becoming the most powerful of their race. The choice is yours.

How do I build my financial empire?

You expand your Trade Areas around the world and invest in real world locations within these Trade Areas. When you invest in a location, you have the choice to receive your rewards for that investment in Blood Bags or Cash. You can choose to split this reward dynamically with each investment (e.g. 60% Blood Bags to 40% Cash). All locations generate revenue, but some are better at producing Blood Bags, some are better at producing Cash. For example: A night club is likely a better producer of Blood Bags; a bank is a better producer of Cash, so choose your return on investment strategically.

  • What is a Trade Area? This defines an area of the real-world where you can invest in locations. You can always invest in the nearest 50 locations around your physical GPS location, making your physical vicinity your primary Trade Area. Movement thus becomes very important in Drudge, just walking a few blocks will often reveal new investment opportunities. Lairs provide your secondary Trade Areas. Depending on the size of the Lair, you can invest in the locations within the vicinity of that Lair. For example, a ruined mausoleum may only allow you to invest in the nearest 50 locations, but a Victorian Mansion would allow you to invest in the nearest 500 locations.
  • What is a Place of Interest (POI)? A POI is a location you can invest in. They are priced per (1%) of ownership. If you own 20% to 50% of a POI, you are on the Board of Directors of that location. If you own 50.1% or more of the POI, you have controlling interest. There are many categories of POIs and your vampire will often prefer you to invest in certain categories over others. You can sell shares of a POI to Drudges anywhere in the world and set your own price. You can also make offers on POIs that are 100% owned.
  • What is Processing Time? Once you invest in a location, there is a waiting period before it starts generating revenue. You can expedite this process by upgrading your business staff or paying Gold Drachs to accelerate the closing process.

How do I keep my vampire happy?

You must provide Blood Bags for your vampire, new Lairs around the world, and satisfy most of their demands. As the power of your vampire grows, their demands will become more difficult.

  • What are Blood Bags? Think of Blood Bags as humans that traffic around a particular location. Providing Blood Bags pleases your vampire and increases their power. A vampire will tire of feeding at the same locations, so you will need to constantly expand your empire.
  • What are Lairs? The game begins with your vampire sleeping in a humble ruined mausoleum near your starting GPS location. This is their first Lair. As your vampire grows stronger, they will request upgrades to existing Lairs, and the purchase of new Lairs around the world. All vampires have a country of origin. A Drudge must pay to transfer home-soil from the vampire’s homeland to each Lair, with the price of this transfer based on the distance the home-soil must travel. Most vampires will eventually ask for a Lair to be placed in their homeland as well. Lairs can range from modest mausoleums to legendary real world castles.
  • What are Demands? Vampires in Drudge are relatively young and highly ambitious. Beyond the demands of Blood Bags and Lairs, these vampires typically desire unique and often luxurious goods and services. The Marketplace is full of unique items and services that will often satisfy a vampire’s wishes and thus reduce your stress. You can preemptively buy things for your vampire once you know what pleases them, or you can wait until they make a certain request. For example, buying your demanding vampire that loves stylish furnishings a toilet made of gold will certainly please them for a long time so you can focus on building your empire.

What is the role of Cash and Gold?

  • What is Cash? Cash is represented as US dollars. It is gifted to the player from the vampire to begin the game. Thereafter the player earns Cash from their POI investments and from any items they might sell on the Marketplace. An active Drudge will find it relatively easy to make Cash, the challenge lies in keeping your vampire happy as you build your fortune and satisfying the demands of gaining Prestige.
  • What are Gold Drachs? Gold Drachs are considered the prime currency of the Underworld. In Drudge they are earned by advancing Degrees or purchased in the game store. Gold Drachs are used to purchase Lairs, upgrade your staff, boost your return on investments, expedite transactions, and to increase your Cash by exchanging Gold Drachs for Cash.

How do I level up?

Levels in Drudge are represented as Degrees of Prestige. Some POIs require a certain degree of Prestige for you to invest, join the Board of Directors, or have Controlling Interest.The leaderboard in Drudge is ranked first by Degree, then by Net Worth. Each Degree in Drudge has a certain set of requirements to advance to the next Degree. These requirements are varied, some may require you to simply invest a certain amount of Cash, or reach a certain Net Worth, or incorporate your business, or have Lairs on multiple continents. High ranking Drudges are recognized on the leaderboard as the Drudge 500, or the elite Drudge 100. A Drudge can also become the BOSS of a city by having the highest leaderboard score within that city.

What is a Society in Drudge?

A Drudge need not work alone. By joining a syndicate of fellow Drudges they can form an invite-only Secret Society. The benefits are many: it opens a discrete society Chat Room to facilitate broker-free POI transactions within the network, essentially increasing the Trade Area of a Drudge. It also pays to bring another Drudge into your society. There is an immediate Cash bonus paid to the Inviter when the Invitee accepts the invitation, and a Society Tax. This Society Tax is a small percentage of your Gross Revenue paid to the Drudge that invited you. You can earn-out of this Tax by hitting a certain degree of Prestige.

What is the Agora Marketplace?

The Agora Marketplace sells a miscellany of goods and services that typically appeal to the luxurious taste of modern vampires. Buying expensive things for your master is a quick way to make them happy and reduce your stress. Strategic players can also work the levers of supply and demand to make money. Items range in rarity and value from a $100 bottle of Crystal Skull vodka to a $50 million M5 sailing yacht. Limited seasonal items come into play as well, like VIP tickets to the Oscars or the Met Gala.

What is Stress in Drudge?

The life of a Drudge is very rewarding, even illustrious. But there is a well known propensity for those in the profession to lose their mind. Certainly you remember the mad savant Renfield nibbling on his spiders and crickets and crying to his master. We’ve come a long way since then and the Protective Order of Drudges is here to help. A Drudge must be vigilant in managing stress. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 1000. If you let your stress reach 900 you will be committed to the Point Pleasant Asylum discretely situated in the mountains of West Virginia and dedicated to restoring a Drudge to normalcy. If this doesn’t work (our success rate is very low!) you will die.

What is Death in Drudge?

“Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.” - Willard Motley from the novel Knock on any Door The life of a Drudge is rewarding, even illustrious. But there is a well known proclivity for mental illness within the profession. Certainly you remember the mad savant Renfield nibbling on his spiders and crickets and crying to his master. We’ve come a long way since then and the Protective Order of Drudges is here to help. A Drudge must be vigilant in managing stress, and options abound for mitigating stress. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 1000. If you let your stress reach 900 you will be committed to the Point Pleasant Asylum discretely situated in the mountains of West Virginia and dedicated to the restoration of mental defectives. If this doesn’t work (our success rate is on the rise!) you will die.

What is the Death Tax in Drudge?

Should you be unfortunate enough to succumb to madness, a Death Tax will be imposed. If you have a Living Will, most of your wealth (roughly 50%) will pass on to your assigned beneficiary. Having a robust Legal Team will also mitigate this tax. Absent a Living Will you will have to start the game over as a new Drudge assigned to a new master.