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As a Drudge, you will serve a real life vampire.


Help your master become the most powerful vampire in the world as you get rich and live the life you've always dreamed of. 


Just don't lose your mind along the way.

Being a Drudge is a Faustian bargain. The money comes easy, but vampires can be capricious and demanding in their desires.


Your vampire may take a sudden liking for collecting early cubist art, or rare books, or need you to procure a chalet in Austria. Don't be surprised when you're paying to get them out of trouble after an opium bender in Paris.


You'll have to do all this without losing your mind. It is well-known those in the service of vampires often end up in the asylum - or worse. Drudge is coming to Google Play and the App Store in early 2020. Pre-registration is open now.


Pre-register now to learn the name, origin, and age of the master vampire you will serve.


You will also receive an additional $250,000 (a 25% bonus) in your investment fund at the start of the game. 

Type of Phone
Choose your favorite among the vampire films below. There is no right answer, of course, but this will help us place you with an agreeable master..
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