"You ask me, brother, if I have ever loved. I have. It is a strange story . . . "

Theophile Gautier (1843)

Le morte amoureuse


drudge [druhj]


1 a person who does menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work

2 a person who works in a routine unimaginative way.

3 a person bound to the service of a vampire by various indentures.

Vampire Capitalist is a mobile empire-building game played on a real-world map.

Get crazy rich. Serve a vampire. Avoid the asylum.


The goal: Become the richest in the world. The problem: You work for a vampire. It's a stressful job. The money will come easy, but vampires can be difficult to please. 


Vampire Capitalist is coming to Google Play and the App Store in late 2020. Pre-registration is open now.


Blood. Money. Madness


Pre-register now to learn the name, origin, and age of the master vampire you will serve.


You will also receive an additional $250,000 (a 25% bonus) in your investment fund at the start of the game. 

Type of Phone
Choose your favorite among the vampire films below. There is no right answer, of course, but this will help us place you with an agreeable master..
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Thanks for your application! Should you be placed in the service of a vampire a fellow Drudge will be in touch!